The ConnectedLearning@YW project aims to make learning available to everyone. The project will produce a European online platform and a mobile application for easier access, which will allow individuals to browse various seminars and training programmes (formal and non-formal learning), based on specific filters, such as language, subject, age etc., which are offered in various areas, by specific organisations.

The project’s target group are young people who can benefit from the easy access to information regarding participation in various programmes, so they can develop their skills and enhance their employability. More specifically, the project emphasizes young people with less opportunities, such as early school leavers, youth that live in remote areas, refugees, immigrants people who speak another language, etc.


Platform Manual

The main products of Intellectual Output 2 are the online platformand the mobile application. Based in the results of IO1, the partners have designed, developed, pilot tested and launched the two tools, which include an interactive map as a key characteristic to support the creation of Learning Routes. Other functionalities include:

  • browsing, sorting and filtering information per key competence, topic, type, area etc.
  • creating Learning Routes regionally, nationally, and at an EU level
  • creating profiles, which will also allow learners to monitor their progress
  • skills validation opportunities

The mobile app mirrors the online platform, aiming to provide vulnerable groups of marginalised young people with easier access to these functionalities. Upon completion, the tools will be translated in all partner languages, to increase accessibility.

Platform Manual (EN)

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Open Badges

The assessment and validation of the competences is through the Open Badges.

Open Badges are digital representations of achievements or skills described the framework and outcomes of a learning procedure based on specific criteria. The Open Badges’ system can be used as a virtual CV of skills and qualifications. The practice of development, issue, and use of badges is connected with gamification elements, as badges are seen as incentives towards positive behaviour and are influential pedagogical tools.

Below is a visual representation of the Open Badges for the Connected Learning project and here is the Open Badge Report!

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Settembre 20, 2021
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